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Entries for December, 2009

Thoughts on Individualism

I was flying from Seattle into Virginia yesterday and while two babies behind me were competing to see who could scream louder and kick the seat in front of them harder, and I was trying to make sense of the on-flight movie, 500 Days of Summer, I came upon an interesting thought. It might sound [...]

Gamasutra: Achievement Design 101

Here’s an interesting article on Gamasutra about Achievements that I think is a must-read for game designers: Achievement Design 101 Every game on the Xbox 360 (with the exception of Xbox LIVE Indie Games) ships with achievements and games have used this functionality in many ways to both their benefit and their detriment. For example, [...]

Christmas Season Is Here!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! My brother, Daniel, and I’ve been busy working on the our game and have been going through a couple of gameplay prototypes. We’ve gone through several iterations of gameplay involving battery powered robots and the storyline, and now we feel comfortable with our latest gameplay idea. Our next milestone is [...]