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Rapha’s Update

Hey all! It’s been a while since I last updated! It’s been a pretty hectic two months and is now already September. Unbelievable… A tremendous chunk of my time has been dedicated to improving my skills in tennis, including working with three different coaches, each focusing on different aspects of my game and was playing [...]

Wimbledon News: GO Lleyton Hewitt!

For anyone that’s been following the world of tennis the past week, the Wimbledon Championships are in its second and final week for this year and today one of the greatest matches in this year’s Wimbledon took place with the former champion, Lleyton Hewitt from Australia. (Read the article here!) Hewitt, who won in 2002, [...]


Two updates in one day! Imagine that. So I wanted to update everyone on one more piece of technology that I was skeptical about and decided to try today, and that is Wow was I impressed. So the thing that made me decide maybe I should try this new search engine over my former google [...]

Transforming into a More Personal Site

Up until now, I’ve kept this site pretty much limited to just projects and work I had done, but that’s really not too interesting, and it doesn’t reflect me very accurately to include all of the non-computer related things I love and think about (and it’s really hard to write about!). So here is to [...]