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JobsBlog Interview

As some of you might know, I have spent a good chunk of the past year working with an amazing team on a product called Kinect for the Xbox which launched today. If you haven’t hea rd about it yet, I am sure you will by the time the holidays are in full swing since it’s [...]

Secret Level in Super Meat Boy!

One of the newest Xbox LIVE Arcade games is a old-school style puzzle platformer called Super Meat Boy. Originally planned as a Wii game, it is fantastic and extremely addictive on the Xbox and I highly recommend it to other gamers out there. The reason for this update, however, is that I came across an [...]

It’s Virtually Xbox LIVE

Happy post-tax day! As some of you may know, I work on the Xbox team at Microsoft. Last month, I wrote a blog for our team’s Xbox Engineering Blog on our virtual environments and how our engineers go about developing and testing Xbox LIVE features. Check it out!

Happy New Year + Milestone #2!

Happy 2010, everyone! We’re looking forward to a wonderful and exciting new year and hope for the best to all of you! As for me, I’ve been working on the robot game (as mentioned in previous posts) with my brother during my free time and on vacation during this holiday season, which leads to the update [...]

Gamasutra: Achievement Design 101

Here’s an interesting article on Gamasutra about Achievements that I think is a must-read for game designers: Achievement Design 101 Every game on the Xbox 360 (with the exception of Xbox LIVE Indie Games) ships with achievements and games have used this functionality in many ways to both their benefit and their detriment. For example, [...]

The Official Raphael Twitter Feed!

Recently, I’ve been checking out the beta of the new Xbox update that is releasing soon and I was pretty impressed with the Twitter App in the update. And although the whole Twitter phenomenon is strange to me, I see the potential it has combined with other technologies. And with that, here’s showing a bit of my [belated] technophilic side: [...]

Rapha’s Update

Hey all! It’s been a while since I last updated! It’s been a pretty hectic two months and is now already September. Unbelievable… A tremendous chunk of my time has been dedicated to improving my skills in tennis, including working with three different coaches, each focusing on different aspects of my game and was playing [...]

Interview with the Official Xbox Magazine

UPDATE: It’s fixed, everyone! Check it out! ( They spelled my last name with an extra ‘n’ but oh well. =)

‘Modding’ of Video Game Consoles

My friends and I were interested in video game console security so for Information Warfare in Spring 2008, we decided to research into hacking consoles. It was a fun project and learning about Xbox hacking from Bunnie’s book was cool along with the work I’d done before on emulating gameboys. Hopefully you’ll find it interesting [...]